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I've been thinking about what it would be like if Naruto and Sasuke were cousins and so as Itachi. So sense Itachi was related to Naruto he never killed the Uchiah's and never left for the Akatski. But i was also thinking that Orochimaro was still after Sasuke.

And things are different Naruto is a brilliant kid and is the best kid. He is even a medical ninja and has an I.Q of over 600. But he lived off the street.But a year before being asigned to groups he found an abonbon apartment building. He had struggles but had great friends that cared about him a lot even knowing every thing.

But people were still giving him a hard time. Sasuke never loved Naruto. But Naruto cared so much about Sasuke that at the Chunin exams not only did Naruto save Sasuke from the snake. But when Orochimaro was about to curse Sasuke Naruto jumped between them and sacrificed him self and was cures. But Sasuke sill did not have any thing to do with Naruto and still hated him. But Naruto still didn't care in fact Naruto wanted this to happen.

Naruto a while back was in the woods and saw a black crystal necklace but to his surprise it sealed away another demon that he soon possessed. So he hears it calling to him to put it on.

So now Naruto is like an unstoppable person with two demons sealed away, is an ANBU,was taught sage mode at a young age, learned all fighting style, a medical ninja, knows jonin jutsus, and has the elemental dragon curse mark ( he is able to control ALL the  elements-Earth, water, wind, fire, and lighting are just the basic).

After a month or two from the chunin exams Naruto and the every one(including Garra and Temari) log on the computers to chat. So after chatting a bit Sakure and Sasuke start dissing Naruto saying he is worthless. Naruto asks Lady Tsunady about vacation and asked for three years out of the 15 years he had. But when he logged off it said "If I Come Back". The only people that saw this was Itachi and Garra. Now Naruto tells Itachi and Garra every thing but they just thought he was talking crazy.

Lady Tsunady is worried about all the work that was not going to get done now that Naruto isn't there. Sasuke started to nag that he could do it all. So Lady Tsunady started to list that he had to do: three C ranked missions a day, be a reliable resource of knowledge, be a medical ninja, do the Hokage in training stuff, and come up with last minute ideas. Jariay  chimed in about training with him, know sage mode, the resangan, and every thing he knew. At this point the people that raised Naruto on the streets jump in and said that he had to do serious training with them, study and ace the medical ninja tests that are coming up, and do more training with Superior(He is like a father figure to all the kids he raised on the streets and Naruto.),and know all fighting techniques. Then Kakashi added that he still had to train with them and at the end Itachi said he still had to find time to train with him and get some sleep. Sasuke and all the students asked if that was it and all the teachers smiled and all together say "that's just the beggining!"

But the real reason Naruto toke the vacation was because he was leaving to go to Lord Orochimaros. But before he left he was stopped by Hinata(how ironic is that, she also say that log out name and was worried).So Naruto knocked her out and gave her a little journal that was address to Sasuke. So when she woke up she thought it was a dream and gave the journal to Sasuke. So Sasuke opened the journal and a letter fell out and he read it out loud so every one could hear.

So my dear viewers I give you Naruto's letter to Sasuke I hope you enjoy it. I am truly sorry but it is not a NaruSasu kind of letter.

    I write this letter to you because this goodbye will not be followed by a hello. I am leaving and not to come back home. It looks like every one was right it is impossible for a person like me to even think about becoming the Hokage. But I'm okay with that because what I'm about to do will be unforgiving. But Kohona will have a new hero. I have left to do what I have to, to protect the people I care deeply about. I am doing what I was brought here to do and that is to make you the hero that will protect every one by killing the evil beast. I will be under much evil influences. Thank you for hating me Sasuke it made this task ahead of me much easier and made it easier to leave. Many thoughts have gone through my mind to make you hate me to the point of killing me and the craziest one was to kill the entire Uchiha clan. But sense you hated me I figured I could just leave with this cures mark to Lord Orochimaro's. I'm the evil beast that must be defeated and killed. I hope you find the strength and hate to be the one to kill me. This will be the last you hear of me until the final battle little cousin. My life will end with a sword in my chest. But a hero will be
born in the village. I don't think I would have lived my life any other way. Sasuke I'm sorry for keeping Itachi all to my self. But I couldn't stand seeing you hurt from what we were doing. If you every got hurt I would never forgive myself. You have grown up so much sense the Academy. Destinies can be rewritten over and over again but my destiny can not because this is my destiny. To be killed by the one I hold dearest to me. I would not have it any other way. Sasuke know that no matter what you do I will always love you. I hope you don't take the same path I have taken for now I guess I am no longer a role mode to any one but that to me is not important. Remember you can not rewind the past so live and let nothing stand in your way. Not even me. I'm sorry Sasuke that it had to be this way that I couldn't be a better older cousin, but I guess I will be making it up to you soon. For I can make you a hero and a peaceful village after my death. This is the end Sasuke. You and I must go the opposite directions I just with I could go with you and be a hero as well be that is for you and you alone and I must be the evil that the hero must kill. This is goodbye Sasuke.
                                                                                                                        Sincerely, Uzimaki Naruto  


United States

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